A Patented Blend of Vitamin B-12, Resveratrol, EGCG (green tea extract) and Melatonin with proven scientific results

Brain Function Supplements

You can’t reverse age-related memory loss, but if you act early you can protect against future cognitive decline with brain function supplements. Alzyn’s brain function supplement is a patented combination of Vitamin B-12, EGCG (the active ingredient in green tea), Melatonin and Resveratrol have been proven essential for proper neurological function, protection of the brain cells, reduction of inflammation, and moderation of brain cell death.

“Each of these four well-researched compounds has demonstrated the ability to reduce risks or maintain defenses from changes associated with the aging brain” Dr. Ewa Bienkiewicz, PhD. Alzyn’s patented combination is more effective than other brain function supplements and brain health products.

A Breakthrough in Brain Health